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Weaning Off Medications

Getting off some medications can be particularly troublesome for some patients, giving rise to the well documented discontinuation syndromes. Usually these syndromes are characterized as a patient suffering a series of side effects in the days or weeks after abruptly stopping their medication. Because of the abrupt onset and severity of the symptoms they sometimes end up being investigated at a hospital emergency room. In other cases patients who suffer particularly severe withdrawal symptoms elect to stay on their medications long term just to avoid the withdrawal syndrome, even though they may not need the medication any longer,

Unfortunately most medications come in a very limited number of strengths making it difficult to slowly taper off. Our Step-Wise™ tapering service can provide most medications in a very wide range of strengths not otherwise available. This allows a physician and patient to taper in whatever small increments will most benefit the patient.

Because patient response to a medication is specific to the individual we can help adjust the taper as required, based on the patient's response, slowing down or accelerating the taper as required.

Start Low and Go Slow
In a similar manner some patients do much better starting some medications with a slow upwards titration in dose. Our Step-Wise™ titration service can provide medications in small incremental strength steps to allow patients with a very gradual initiation of therapy. The goal here is to determine an individual patient's response and to find the best balance between efficacy and side effects.

Contact Us
If you would like to discuss your personal medication needs with one of our pharmacists you can do so by simply calling toll free 1-800-727-5048 or emailing us at pharmacist@pharmacy.ca. Tell the technician that answers your call that you have some questions about Personalized Medicine and want to speak to a pharmacist.

To provide the best advice possible it will be necessary for our pharmacist to know all of the medications you are taking. Please email us the list or have it ready when calling.

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