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Antabuse (Disulfiram) Information

Disulfiram is available for patients through our pharmacy, Pharmacy.ca. The brand name supplier of Antabuse® brand Disulfiram, Wyeth-Ayerst, has discontinued this product and patients are now having trouble getting prescriptions filled at most pharmacies.

Facts worth noting;
  • prescriptions must be written for the chemical name, Disulfiram, not Antabuse® which is a trademark of Wyeth-Ayerst.
  • because we are encapsulating, we can make the standard 250 mg dose, as well as 125 mg when requested.
  • patients can obtain the product from us upon our receipt of a valid prescription. For prescriptions from physicians outside Ontario, we must receive a new prescription for each order, i.e. we cannot fill repeats from outside of Ontario. Most commonly this means writing 90 day prescriptions.
  • Ontario College of Pharmacy guidelines require us to be in receipt of an original prescription or a faxed prescription (must be faxed directly from the doctors office).
  • while pharmaceutical grade Disulfiram powder (USP) is commercially available, the powder is very difficult to work with. Pharmacy.ca has special equipment designed to condition such powders and allow accurately encapsulated doses.
  • as a thirty-year old medical arts pharmacy, with an Internet presence, Pharmacy.ca is well suited to provide patients with their prescription via mail or courier.

All physicians and patients with questions or prescriptions for Disulfiram can call us toll free at 1-800-727-5048 and ask to speak with one of our pharmacists

311 Sherbourne St.,
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3Y1

Phone 1-800-727-5048
Fax 1-800-727-9203
Email: pharmacist@pharmacy.ca

Antabuse® Registered trademark of Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Inc.

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